Blogging for business now?

I’ve been making some interesting observations about photographers and blogging.  My findings?   Photographers blog, and they blog about anything and everything.  A lot mix it up with their personal life and their work.  I like that.  It’s a great way to help grow your business and give people insight on your personality.  I tend to love my personality.  I’m often bold, out going, and have a sense of humor some people may find odd.  I do not take credit for that, I got that from my father.

This being my first blog on photography, it’s more  for me to get my feet wet.  I’m sure things will come to me naturally after awhile, but I do have to admit.  I am having a hard time finding something to write about right now.  So, here is a little idea I had in mind.  The A BC’s of me.  Something pretty elementary, but I think it gives it a fun and different touch.  Again, something from my weird sense of humor..

A – Available
Call for Availability

B – Best Friend
I actually have a few, but I’ll name my photography partner, Becca

C – Crush
Mark Walberg…yep Markie Mark

D – Dad’s Name

E – Easiest Person To Talk To
That would probably be Becca.  She knows way too much, so I guess that is why. 🙂

F – Favorite Band
Nickelback along with a few others

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms
worms totally!

H – Hometown
A small little southern town in Tennessee, and yes I didn’t own a pair of shoes till I was 10!  (oh my humor is showing again!)

I – Instrument
none…trust me…it’s better that way

J – Job
photographer and loving it!

K – Kids
I have 2 young ones

L – Longest Car Ride
it had to be from CO back to TX this past summer.  18 hours straight with 2 small children and a husband.  Not something I would like to do again

M – Milk Flavor
not a milk drinker anymore, but chocolate is the only way to go.

N – Number Of Siblings
I have an older brother who used to beat the crap out of me all the time.  Of course I egged him on

O – One Wish
To have my work  in books and in magazines

P – Phobias
scorpions…I’m not a fan

Q – Favorite Quote
It’s actually something my daddy told me once.  “You can’t make a race horse out of a pig, but you will have a fast pig”  Again, back to odd humor.   I find it funny, mostly because I remember sitting in the living room after he told me that and asking what that meant.  He laughed pretty hard after that and said “you’ll have a fast pig!”

R – Reason To Smile
God is good

S – Song You Last Heard
Something that was on Pandora

T – Time You Woke Up
My son came in to alert me it was morning at 7:30

U – Unknown Fact About Me
I have to think about this and my kids’ need baths…coming back to this

V – Vegetable
I love peas and  tomatoes

W – Worst Habits
me with a bad habit?  never 😉

X – X-Rays You’ve Had
lungs, spine  hand oh and teeth

Y – Your Favorite Food
sweets…anything chocolate

Z – Zodiac Sign


Now on to the work side of things.  Red Carpet Photography started in 2009, mostly growing our business from family and friends.  It’s been a great ride so far and we are loving it.  We shoot it all. Weddings, portraits boudoir, events and commercial.  I’ll be posting photos of recent events as well as future events, so keep reading.


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I'm a busy mom of 3 who finds therapy in photography. It's a lot less fattening than ice cream. View all posts by Eydie

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