Monthly Archives: March 2011

A lazy Saturday

I have a messy house to clean, but my camera was calling to me instead.  Outside I went and took a couple of shots.  My daughter was more than happy to model for me, as my son was not in the mood.  He seems to be in this mood more often than not.  I noticed my lilly was soon to blossom and was a bit limp, so I watered it and captured a few drops on the bud.


A quiet evening

Do you hear that??  Silence, well except from the occasional dog barking outside.  However, the silence I am referring to is the lack of  screaming, fighting or crying from my children.  Yep, it’s bedtime and now mommy can enjoy a decaf latte with some light reading on the dumbed down explanation of HDR photography.  Usually my kids don’t drive me crazy this much, but I am blaming it on the full moon fast approaching.  I hear those things have side effects.  If it’s true, my kids are ringing true to form this week.  So, now it’s quiet.  Windows are open and I’m gonna sip my latte and read in peace.  Oh and here is the best part.  I can read a page one time!  No interruptions  for food, drinks or any other demand.  This evening is all mine, and I am going to savor every moment of it.

A sun kissed wedding

When my brother asked me if I would be interested in documenting the most important day of his and Katie’s life, I was  ecstatic.   Being a part of someone’s important day is something astounding.  They are trusting you to capture memories to relive or to help remember what they don’t recall.  Getting married is a crazy time.  Emotions are high, things happen, everyone has a wedding story.  I was so blessed to be part of the Lotterhos-Hopkins wedding.  And, oh man, do they have the perfect wedding story…

Not only was I so happy to be shooting their wedding, I was excited about going to Culebra!  Wow, what a beautiful place!  Turquoise water and white sandy beaches are just bonuses.  The island of Culebra, had so much to offer for such a little place.  The people were very friendly, things weren’t terribly expensive and it gives you the feel of island life without the commercialism.  It’s a must for anyone searching out for amazing beaches and small island life.

I enjoyed everything about the trip.  Meeting Katie’s family( who are amazing and open armed), Katie taking us all out to snorkel and teach us a little about the coral and sea life,  the wedding, to even getting sea sick on the 90 min ferry from San Juan to Culebra.  I really wanted someone to push me out to sea.  I remember hearing my brother come down to the lower level.  I thought “wow, I have missed the big brother looking after me”.  I later learned he came down because he was getting sick too…so much for my image of the “big brother hero” thing.  🙂

The day itself, was an emotional one.  Watching my brother, and my nephew (sorry Connor 😉 ) get washed over with emotion, of course got me in a sobbing mess.  Watching Katie say her vows with such conviction, pose and love is something I won’t ever forget.  The wedding itself was the epitome of beauty.  They said their vows on Beach Flamanco, which is quickly getting itself on the map.

Every photo I edited for them, I caught myself smiling every time.  Why?  Because, they both have come a long way, suffered many heartaches and yet never became cynical about love.  Instead, they embraced it.

Congratulations Chett and Katie.  It was an honor and I will cherish it always.