A sun kissed wedding

When my brother asked me if I would be interested in documenting the most important day of his and Katie’s life, I was  ecstatic.   Being a part of someone’s important day is something astounding.  They are trusting you to capture memories to relive or to help remember what they don’t recall.  Getting married is a crazy time.  Emotions are high, things happen, everyone has a wedding story.  I was so blessed to be part of the Lotterhos-Hopkins wedding.  And, oh man, do they have the perfect wedding story…

Not only was I so happy to be shooting their wedding, I was excited about going to Culebra!  Wow, what a beautiful place!  Turquoise water and white sandy beaches are just bonuses.  The island of Culebra, had so much to offer for such a little place.  The people were very friendly, things weren’t terribly expensive and it gives you the feel of island life without the commercialism.  It’s a must for anyone searching out for amazing beaches and small island life.

I enjoyed everything about the trip.  Meeting Katie’s family( who are amazing and open armed), Katie taking us all out to snorkel and teach us a little about the coral and sea life,  the wedding, to even getting sea sick on the 90 min ferry from San Juan to Culebra.  I really wanted someone to push me out to sea.  I remember hearing my brother come down to the lower level.  I thought “wow, I have missed the big brother looking after me”.  I later learned he came down because he was getting sick too…so much for my image of the “big brother hero” thing.  🙂

The day itself, was an emotional one.  Watching my brother, and my nephew (sorry Connor 😉 ) get washed over with emotion, of course got me in a sobbing mess.  Watching Katie say her vows with such conviction, pose and love is something I won’t ever forget.  The wedding itself was the epitome of beauty.  They said their vows on Beach Flamanco, which is quickly getting itself on the map.

Every photo I edited for them, I caught myself smiling every time.  Why?  Because, they both have come a long way, suffered many heartaches and yet never became cynical about love.  Instead, they embraced it.

Congratulations Chett and Katie.  It was an honor and I will cherish it always.


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