Monthly Archives: April 2011

Red Carpet goes to prom

This weekend Rebecca and myself had the privilege to work with the organization, Something Magical.  They are an amazing group of people who work with children that are in special education.   This weekend they put together a prom just for the kids.  About 4 different schools signed up in Nueces county to participate in the fun.

Becca and I had a great time.  These kids were amazing.  They were so fun, and loved every moment of their night.  The girls dressed up in their beautiful dresses and the guys in their Sunday best.  The music was great, and everyone was dancing.  I even shook my booty while taking some pictures.  The hall was set up in colors of green, black and silver.

Here are some shots I took with my phone.  The pictures of the event we shot will be ready soon, and will be sharing.