About Me

Hi and welcome, my name is Eydie Aarhus.   After much advise from reading photography magazines and other photographers, I decided to start a blog.  It’s about the happenings of Red Carpet and a little bit of me thrown in for good measure.

I began the love for photography when I was a little girl.  My first camera was an old Polaroid  my parents gave me for Christmas one year.  Throughout the years I shot here and there, but when I started modeling, I really became interested in the photography field.  I still love to get in front of the camera, but I have a strong desire to get behind it as well.  My very good friend and business partner Rebecca got me started in photography a few years ago.

I live in San Antonio, Texas with my husband, 2 young ones, and a few too many animals.  Like my life isn’t hectic enough, I also (on occasion) bring home a few animals who were on death row, and I help find them furever homes.  I balance working from home with staying at home with my kids.  It can be a battle.  Some days I work in my PJ’s.   However, I’ve also been known to throw on some clothes and rockin’ heels just for the occasion of editing photos.   I love sweets, and would rather bake than cook any day.  My favorite place to be is in bed with my kids, husband and a couple of cats to snuggle and watch a movie.



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